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Salena Govind

Salena is the principal yogi and owner of Moving Meditation Yoga & Health. She has been successfully teaching beginner, intermediate and pregnancy yoga classes as well as taking 1-on-1 clients for movement therapy since 2007. 

Her yoga classes are based on the Knoff Yoga training system, focusing on strength, flexibility and structural balance of the body. It combines synchronisation of movement and breath with alignment.

Moving Meditation Yoga and Health has a holistic approach to health and lifestyle which includes: movement, nutrition, breathing techniques, sleep hygiene, stress management tools, as well as other lifestyle habits to empower clients to better health. Salena's sessions are challenging, thorough and sincere.

As a certified Yoga Teacher and Health Coach with over 15 years experience teaching yoga to a diverse range of groups from students, corporates, performers and to the wider community, she has gained extensive problem solving skills working with injury and physical and mental discomfort through 1-on-1 movement therapy. Salena has also gained the ability to create great rapport and trust which has supported people to move towards better health and mobility.


Experienced yoga teacher. Certified health and wellness coach.
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