Salena Govind was first exposed to yoga in her early teens while involved in contemporary dance training in 1996. She attended various yoga classes through to her mid- 20’s including Iyengar, Astanga, Hatha, Bikram, Yin and Hot Yoga. 



It was here that her true Yoga journey began with a dramatic change of focus and a move to Wellington. Salena met Nicky Knoff who was offering a Yoga Teacher Training course and was inspired to spend her savings in attending the Knoff Yoga School Foundation Level Teacher Training course.



Salena recounts that this was the most challenging, yet most rewarding experience she’d encountered and has led to a long friendship and alliance with Nicky Knoff and the Knoff Yoga School.



Having also attended several Vipassana Meditation retreats, Salena has the added knowledge of the principles of anapana (breath observation) and vipassana (body conciousness) meditation techniques, which are valuable tools in aiding one to conquer the mind.



Regularly returning to Cairns to attend training and workshops, Salena is now a level 8 Advanced Certified Teacher.  She has been successfully teaching beginner, intermediate and pregnancy classes as well as taking clients for one-on-one movement/yoga therapy. Her classes are challenging, thorough and sincere, as Salena’s experience allows her to work to each participants abilities.


Salena is the principal yogi and owner of Moving Meditation Yoga.