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"Having never done yoga before the chance to try it out in the office was so easy. That was over two years ago and I have not stopped learning or benefiting.

Salena is a fantastic instructor who is able to manage a room of people at very different levels of experience and fitness. She creates such a welcoming environment that we have drawn in more novices like myself and those who have been doing yoga for years.

Even little things like the breathing techniques I find I use at the end of a particularly busy day to just help me unwind and clear my mind. If I had only realised many more years ago that yoga is not just for young bendy people, but is great for people of any age and size.” - Patricia

"I was a student with Salena for 5 years. In that time with Salena's help I was able to improve a lot and make Yoga an everyday part of my life. I went into my first class of Salena's with no expectations and was impressed with her relaxed style of teaching, with each pose easily flowing into the next. I had been to other teachers before, so I knew a good teacher when I found one and I like how organised her classes were. Each class had a focus, which she mentioned at the start so you were aware. 

Along with her organised and relaxed style of teaching, I also found Salena to have a very calm nature, which helped put you in a relaxed state during the class. I talked to lots of students in her classes and everyone enjoyed her classes and felt great afterwards. 

I am very grateful to have attended Salena's Yoga classes and believe they have helped me progress on Yoga journey." - Matt 

“Salena has been my yoga teacher for a few years now. I enjoy her teaching as she has taught me to be responsible for my own practise. She is attentive and challenges me to think each time about what I am doing with my body. She makes subtle incremental changes to my postures and knows when I can be braver in attempting something new. She quietly reminds me that yoga is not a competition but something to practise and enjoy and it is always with warmth and humour”. - Lavina

"Salena’s gentle approach to her yoga teaching is from a place of stillness and strength. Her goal in class is to help us all connect mind, body and breath in our yoga practice, so that we have the strength and calm to face the challenges that life brings us. I can highly recommend her." - Alison

"I attended a yoga class run by Salena in Wellington, once a week for about four years. I cannot speak highly enough of her dedication and her enthusiasm to teach in a very relaxed and professional way. This of course resulted in great benefits both physically and mentally for the participants. We were all sorry to hear of her departure from Wellington." - Saji 

"Salena’s knowledge of yoga is outstanding. She teaches in a calm thoughtful manner. She helps to put you in the correct position and has a great awareness of the body. She knows how to push you to the next level in a safe way.  You can feel your body has done a yoga workout for a few days after! Salena is my favourite yoga teacher (I’ve had a few) and loved doing my practice with her".  - Hannah

"Moving meditation classes have all sorts of benefits but above all, they make me feel incredibly happy". - Bruce

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